Although WorldEdit is primarily command driven, there are some configuration options which may change or limit the behavior of WorldEdit’s commands and tools.

Configuration Files

Once you have run your server with WorldEdit installed, you will find the main configuration file generated in a location which depends on your platform.

Bukkit Server

Configuration options for the Bukkit version of WorldEdit are found in plugins/WorldEdit/config.yml, relative to the server root.

Note that the YAML format which Bukkit uses is very sensitive to errors. You must use 4 spaces for indentation (tabs will break the file!), and adhere to YAML’s syntax. If you are unfamiliar with editing YAML files, you can run your config through an online validator (like this one) and ensure that it does not return an error.


Configuration options in Forge/Fabric can be found in the config/worldedit/ file. On a server, this is relative to the server root (where the main server .jar is). On a single-player installation, this is in your “.minecraft” folder.

Sponge Server

Configuration options in Sponge servers (either SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla) can be found in the config/worldedit/worldedit.conf file.



Since the underlying platforms are often in various states of development, not all settings will work on all platforms. Please notify us if you find this to be the case.

Setting Default Description
profile false Whether to print out a blocks changed/time info after each operation.
disallowedBlocks <list of blocks> A list of blocks that cannot be used in patterns (mostly physics blocks that will “pop off” and may severely lag or crash the server if thousands of items are spawned).
defaultChangeLimit -1 The default amount of blocks that can be set in one operation.
maxChangeLimit -1 The maximum amount of blocks for the change limit (set with //limit in-game)
defaultMaxPolygonalPoints -1  
maxPolygonalPoints 20  
defaultMaxPolyhedronPoints -1  
maxPolyhedronPoints 20  
snapshotRepo   If not left empty, the directory name to look for snapshots
maxRadius -1 Maximum radius of commands that take a radius
maxSuperPickaxeSize 5 Maximum size of super pickaxe tools
maxBrushRadius 6 Maximum size of brushes
logCommands false Whether to log more informative information on command usage.
logFile   If logCommands is true, the file to log to.
logFormat [%1$tY-%1$tm-%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS %4$s]: %5$s%6$s%n The format of command logging
wandItem minecraft:wooden_axe The item used for selection regions
superPickaxeDrop true Whether the single super pickaxe mode will drop items for blocks it breaks
superPickaxeManyDrop true Whether multi super pickaxe modes will drop items for blocks they break
useInventory false Require players to have items in their inventory to make edits (this option is not well supported and not recommended)
useInventoryOverride false Allow a permission node to override the above setting
useInventoryCreativeOverride false Allow creative mode to override the above setting
navigationUseGlass true Whether the /up and /ceil commands should place a glass block for the player to stand on if in mid-air
navigationWand minecraft:compass The item used for the navigation wand which allows /jumpto and /thru as left-click/right-click
navigationWandMaxDistance 50 The max distance the navigation wand should trace to find a block to jump to
scriptTimeout 3000 The maximum time a craftscript can run before it is terminated
calculationTimeout 100 The default time an expression can run before it is terminated
maxCalculationTimeout 300 The maximum time an expression can run before termination (changed in game with //timeout)
allowedDataCycleBlocks   If not empty, a whitelist of blocks which the data cycler tool can be used on
saveDir schematics The directory in which to save schematics (relative to the worldedit folder)
scriptsDir craftscripts The directory in which to look for craftscripts
allowSymlinks false Whether to allow the above to be symlinked locations (useful for sharing between servers)
butcherDefaultRadius -1 The default radius of the /butcher command (-1 for infinite)
butcherMaxRadius -1 The maximum radius of the /butcher command
serverSideCUI true Whether to allow the usage of //drawsel